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Introducing Bellissima v2 , the cutting-edge grid system that has been proven very effective on real accounts. Unlike other systems that rely solely on historical data, Bellissima v2 was specifically crafted to capitalize on current market inefficiencies.

Say goodbye to ‘hit and miss’ strategies; Bellissima harnesses the power of real market mechanics to consistently generate profits.

Join the ranks of successful traders who rely on Bellissima to navigate the markets with precision and confidence


Here are some features of Bellissima EA

  • Multiple currency pairs support. 
  • Solid backtest. 
  • Very easy to use. I mean, very easy. 
  • Much cheaper than other high-quality alternatives. 
  • You can choose between fixed lot or dynamic lot to increase the lot size as your account grows. 
  • You can also choose the level of risk want to assume. 
  • Enable or disable the use of hedging. 
  • Set the maximum drawdown you are willing to tolerate. 
  • Set the take profit level, with the option to hide it from the broker, as well as the stop loss level. 
  • You only need one chart to trade all symbols. 
  • The EA must be attached to ONLY one chart. You can attach it to any chart, but the best results are obtained on M15. You attach it to a chart and specify all the symbols where you want Bellissima to open positions. If your broker uses suffixes in the symbols, then you’ll need to write the symbols with their corresponding suffix. 
  • I will recommend certain pairs where Bellissima performs exceptionally well. And when I say exceptionally well, I mean it’s highly profitable. 
  • Bellissima is not sensitive to spread and slippage. 
  • The EA should run on a VPS. 
  • You can specify the maximum number of positions and the maximum number of symbols you want to trade at once. 
  • I recommend not using more than two symbols and higher than low risk settings on an account with less than $1,000 to avoid problems with free margin. 
  • You don’t need set files. Everything is internally saved in the EA to make it as simple as possible. Simplicity is a resolved complexity. 

Bellissima v2 Expert Advisor

for Metatrader 4
$ 469 Lifetime license
  • You can use the EA on up to four different Metatrader 4 accounts, real and demo
  • After purchase, you will receive the EA in your email within 1 day, including weekends.
Bellissima EA incorporates a different anti-piracy system. We have worked for a year to develop it. It includes different protection systems integrated throughout the code and interconnected. If any of these systems are compromised, the EA will continue to function but… the use of the internal indicators to generate signals will be disabled and the advanced algorithm will be changed to become a completely different EA that opens positions randomly. 

If any part of the code is modified (OnInit(), Start(), bypassing…), any of the protections are compromised, an older version of Metatrader 4 is used, or any .dll file is used, etc., etc., etc., it will be necessary to completely rebuild the code for Bellissima to function in its original way. 


When purchasing the EA, I will ask you for the Metatrader 4 account numbers where you will be using it. Please make sure you have the latest updated version of Metatrader 4 (which is easy as the application usually notifies you when there is a new version). Additionally, I will ask you if you are using Metatrader on Mac or Windows. 


And what if I decide to buy this EA from another website for a lower price?
You are free to do so. A friend of mine once bought an “iPone” online that looked like the latest iPhone to take it on a date. Just know that…

  • you’ll be getting a different EA that they have put the name “Bellissima” on 
  • OR you’ll be investing in an “educ” copy of the original, so you will get an EA that works. But works completely differently from the original. You know, internal indicators disabled, random buys and sells, different money management, changed trading algorithm, evaporated money account… 


If you think I’m an imposter or that I don’t have a penny to my name then don’t buy it. 

Now, if you know that I’ve been making a living from trading for years and that I know very well, ridiculously well, how to make money in the market, then buy it. It will be worth it. 


I mean, I’m a guy who knows practically nothing, and the more interesting people I meet, the more I realize I don’t know. But when it comes to making money in the market, making a lot of money, well, that, I do know. 

Massive Indicator + Expert Advisor

Massive pack
$ 499 Lifetime license
  • You will receive the Massive Indicator and also my Expert Advisor Bellissima v2
  • You can use them on four different Metatrader 4 accounts.



Will I receive instructions on how to use it? 

Yes, after the purchase, you will receive a manual of instructions and recommendations on which currency pairs are most profitable to use it with .