The Massive Indicator 




Unlock Massive value! This indicator is a powerful investment opportunity surpassing its price


You will get:

  • Exact reversal points in the market with a massive probability of success.
  • Exact levels to open a trade.
  • Different take profit levels with a very high probability.
  • Daily signals for day trading.
  • M1 timeframe.
  • A clear way to understand the market even if you’re a beginner.
  • An indicator with an algorithm based on lessons I learned years ago from a truly eccentric mentor.
  • An indicator to make money when you’re tiny and competing against giants. Not suitable for cowards.
  • The anti-technical analysis. Signals sometimes go against the trend. This is also not for cowards. Entries at the exact reversal point with a profit/loss ratio of at least 3:1


I use pending orders at the exact entry point with a well-defined stop loss to enter the market at the precise point, with minimal risk and the best profit/loss ratio


This brings great peace of mind by not having to constantly be in front of the charts. Many times you will see how those levels act as magnets for the price.




The arrows indicate whether to place buy orders or sell orders. Then, we will place pending orders at the exact entry point indicated to minimize drawdown as much as possible!




Massive Indicator

for Metatrader 4
$ 359 Lifetime license
  • You can use the indicator on up to four different Metatrader 4 accounts, real and demo
  • After purchase, you will receive the indicator in your email within 1 day, including weekends.

Massive Indicator + Expert Advisor

Massive pack
$ 499 Lifetime license
  • You will receive the Massive Indicator and also my Expert Advisor Bellissima v2
  • You can use them on four different Metatrader 4 accounts.




Where can I take a look at your expert advisor?

Click here to take a look at my Expert Advisor


What happens if I don’t have cryptocurrencies?

The easiest way is to open a Coinbase account and then click on “pay with coinbase”.

And really, even if you don’t buy the Massive indicator I recommend you to have part of your portfolio in crypto.